About us

Our goal is to make customers feel they’re secured

We like to make a significant contributions to the future growth of our customers. Through our professional team, we educate our customers to grow regular and proper saving habits, which will in turn provide financial support when their need arises, (for food, clothes, dwelling house, health, children's education, daughter’s marriage and old age security etc.) All this and much more can be fulfilled with Neelanjali Mutual Benefit Nidhi LTD

Quality and reliability

We believe in honesty , and due to this honesty we have successfully been serving our customers for over 10 years. We emphasize in maintaining highest quality standard , which results in happy customers. We strive hard to provide wealth and happiness. We never forget to contribute to our society , with our charitable endeavours.

Mission and Vision

"Our Mission of company is very clear that help people financially by providing fund into a small group of people so they can achieve goal of his life, also we are doing some more financial practices so we can give better financial organization to our expectator."

Our team

We have a huge team of experienced and proficient individuals at Neelanjali Mutual Benefit Nidhi LTD . We also consider our customers as a Team member . To lead such a huge team their is a need of extra ordinary leaders and to fullfill this comes the following leaders of Neelanjali Mutual Benefit Nidhi LTD :

All Members

Mr. Balesh Kumar

Managing Director

Mr. Deepak Kumar Bhartiya


Mr. Ekant Priya Gautam